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As a fairly new company, we are still in the process of growing and collecting reviews on Tripadvisor. We value every feedback, good or bad because it helps us to grow and to become a better partner for you! We are especially proud that our guests have been giving us an outstanding feedback!

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Read what our guests have experienced on their trips with San Blas Frontera. Unless otherwise mentioned, guests did not receive any discounts for writing about us – we believe that voluntary reviews and articles are most valuable. The texts are written in different languages, we highly recommend translating them!

One thing that you will see is that every single one of our trips is different. Since we travel in small groups, we are flexible to adapt the tour to the dynamic of the group and make sure our guests leave us happy and full of unique experiences.

Timothy, Lonely Planet

Tour: 3-day island hopping trip from Colombia to Panama

Tim works as a pathfinder for the Lonely Planet. He is a Belgo-American self-taught photographer with a passion for the travels, the outdoors, the people and their culture and publishes stories and pictures from his travels for the Lonely Planet Pathfinder program. In January 2019 he travelled with us from Colombia to Panama to explore Panama, one of the Lonely Planet top travel destinations in 2019. The article about his experience with us and in Panama is published here on the Lonely Planet homepage.
Also don’t forget to check out his homepage and his Instagram account.

“I opted to use the services of a Kuna-based company, San Blas Frontera, to be sure that my money would end up staying within the community.
As well as meeting the Kuna communities, I was also lucky enough to enjoy the beautiful, sandy beach with not a care in the world. A different sunny island for each day of the year – definitely something I could get used to!”

Antonio, Italy

Tour: 3-day island hopping trip from Panama to Colombia + additional nights in a Kuna village [discount on tour price, in exchange for photography]

Antonio is a professional photographer who travels the world documenting his extraordinary tours on his blog “Italian Backpacker” and in his books. He travelled with us to Colombia and spend an additional night in a Kuna village close to the Colombian border. His article is full of sharp observations about our culture – if you don’t speak Italian, don’t forget to translate the text into your language!

“Living and traveling through Kuna culture was one of the most incredible sensations found on this overland journey in Central America.”

Martin, Switzerland

Tour: 3-day island hopping trip from Panama to Colombia

Martin travels with his bicycle around the world. So far he has explored Europe, Asia and in July 2018 made his way with us from Panama to Colombia. Read about his experiences during this trip – and how easy it is to take your bike along on our boat trips! This article is also interesting if you plan on spending a few days on our island and returning to Panama City afterwards! A second article gives more tips on how to prepare your bike.

“It was a fun three-day trip full of authentic experiences and impressions that are rarely found anywhere else in the world.”

Anna & Chris, Germany

Tour: 3-day island hopping trip from Panama to Colombia

Anna Chris have quit their jobs to travel around the world. In August 2018, they joined our 3-day trip to Colombia. Together with a group of fellow travelers, they followed our invitation to join a Kuna ceremony which certainly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them.

“We had a unique and unforgettable evening and are very grateful that we could be part of it!”

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Your best choice for a visit to the San Blas islands, Panama. As a purely local and indigenous business, we offer authentic day trips and overnight stays in our traditional Kuna cabins on the San Blas islands in Panama and multiple-day boat trips across the Panamanian-Colombian border (boats from Panama to Colombia and boats from Colombia to Panama) as the local alternative to sailing the San Blas islands.