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Getting ready for your 3-day San Blas Island Hopping trip


(or thank you in English) for making your reservation with us! We will soon be welcoming you for a few days to the San Blas Islands. In order to be best prepared, please read the following carefully:

Trip booked: 3-days San Blas Island Hopping

Start/End: Panama City/Panama City

To-Do: Please send us until latest 48 hours before the trip (via email):
  • Full name of all guests, passport numbers and birth dates: to register all guests with the local government. Please do not send photos of your ID. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Name and address of your hostel/hotel in Panama City – in case of a private address/AirBnB please also send a phone number/WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp number or local phone number with correct country code (+XX….) in case the driver needs to contact you
  • Any dietary restrictions or allergies

Arrival Infos:
  • Pickup at your hotel: between 5-5:30am (drivers usually start with pickup in Casco Viejo and Caledonia area, then move along Highway 1/Carretera Panamerica towards Tocument to leave the City, pickup time will vary accordingly)
  • Drive to San Blas: if there is time, the driver can make a stop at a gas station for breakfast or buying essentials. We recommend buying everything you need in advance because there might not be sufficient time for a stop or not everything might be available.
  • Arrival in San Blas: at around 8-9am (port of Cartí). Your driver will inform the boat that comes to pick you up. There might be some waiting time until all guests of the boat have arrived and until the boat gets permission to dock and board. It might seem chaotic at the dock, but no worries – you will get picked up and brought to your island 🙂
  • Meals: three delicious, fresh meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), starting with lunch on the first day and ending with lunch on the last day


Payment method: Please pay the total amount to the driver that picks you up in Panama City in cash (US Dollars only). For online payment extra charges apply: PayPal (+5% per transaction), Bank Transfer (+40 USD per transaction).

Included: transport from Panama City to San Blas and back (incl. pick-up and drop-off at your hotel), boat transport between islands, 2 nights in different islands, meals during your time on the island (lunch, dinner, breakfast; starting with lunch on first day)

Not included: drinks/water/beverages (but can be brought or purchased), Kuna Yala entrance fee (20 USD per person and a fee for using the port of 2 USD per person; mandatory for all visitors to San Blas), Sunscreen, towels and personal items

What to prepare/pack:
  • Passport: mandatory, it will be checked upon entering the Comarca of Kuna Yala (San Blas) and when crossing the border
  • Sufficient cash: in US Dollars to pay for the entire trip and entrance fee in cash, to buy drinks, snacks, souvenirs on the island (small bills of 1 USD and 5 USD highly recommended) – Card payment is not accepted and there is no ATM in San Blas
  • Sun protection: for the island and the boat ride
  • Water to drink: Water/soft drinks are not included in the package, please bring sufficient or purchase on the island
  • Snacks (e.g. breakfast for Day 1 since first served meal on Day 1 will be lunch)
  • Towels (no towels provided)
  • Swimming gear, Sandals/FlipFlops
  • Flash light
  • Portable Power Bank to charge your phone etc. (islands have very limited power supply)
  • Wetbag or plastic bag for your valuables in case of a wet boat ride or rain
  • Snorkeling gear

We recommend having a small, waterproof bag for the items you need during the car ride (passport & cash) and during the day (camera, phone, swimming gear/towels, maybe clothes to change, rain/sun protection, water, …) because your main luggage will be stored away during the car ride and during the day (once we have arrived on the island where we stay for the night, you have of course access to your luggage.) Also, wrap sensitive items that can easily break and protect them from getting wet in your main and hand luggage. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE THAT MIGHT OCCUR.

Other helpful information

Undoubtedly stunningly beautiful and home to a fascinating indigenous culture, the San Blas Islands deserve their place as one of the top places to visit. But, a growing number of tourists and a lack of waste management infrastructure threaten this fragile ecosystem. As a company, we are working on eco-friendly solutions to protect our home and minimize the environmental, cultural and economic impact. As a visitor, there are a few ways how you can also support us in these efforts:

Packaging: We kindly ask you to minimize the amount of packaging that you bring to the island and, once you return to Panama City, take it back with you. San Blas does not have a functioning waste or recycling system for packaging and you can help by returning packaging with you and properly disposing of it in the city. If you purchase drinks on the island, we recommend to purchase cans since those are the only things actively collected and recycled.

Respecting nature: Do not touch the starfish or take them out of the water. Starfish are very delicate and touching them can do severe damage. Also, please do not stand on or touch corals – evens slight touches can cause irreversible damage.

Open mind: These beautiful islands are home to a unique indigenous culture with a way of life that is different from most and one whose standards may be different than your own. Bring an open mind and appreciate different lifestyles and you will have a wonderful time in this paradise.

Language: Unfortunately, not all our Kuna guides speak much English as to date it is still difficult to hire personnel on the professional level that we require who can also speak English. So far, this has never led to major problems. We ask for your understanding and hope you will consider this as part of your adventure

Visiting a Kuna village: this will be an interesting experience where you can see first hand how most people live and learn more about our culture. Make sure to ask your guide many questions! Dress code: respectful clothes (not topless/no bikini). T-shirt, shorts or skirts are fine, if available around knee length. Photos: be respectful of the locals. Most women will ask for $1 or $2 in exchange for pictures.

Mola: In the village, you will have a chance to buy Mola handcraft. This is very intrinsic work and prices range between $15-25/35/50 USD, depending on size and details. Kuna women often work up to 3 months on just one of these pieces. You can use these back home for pillows (especially the ones with animals make lovely gifts for small children), frame it and put up on the wall,… Selling Mola is often times the only source of income for many of the locals who otherwise are fully self-sustaining so your contribution will directly benefit the local community.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact us at any time in case you should have further questions. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Kuna Yala (San Blas) soon!

Thanks and kind regards. 

Your team from
San Blas Frontera

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