3-days island hopping through the San Blas islands

Boat Panama to Colombia & Colombia to Panama

3-day island hopping trip, San Blas islands

Boat from Panama to Colombia and Colombia to Panama

** Boat Panama-Colombia or Colombia-Panama – 3+ days – from $275 US **

Step into another world with our 3-day island hopping boat tours across the Panamanian-Colombian border, our cheap alternative to sailing:

  • Choose your direction: travel either from Panama to Colombia or from Colombia to Panama
  • Travel along all 365 of the San Blas islands, always in sight of the infamous Darien jungle, visit islands no one else goes to and sleep on the islands
  • Visit villages where our traditional lifestyle is still intact and emerge yourself into our unique indigenous culture
  • Support the local economy: as the only Kuna owned and operated company, every (!) dollar spent on this trip stays in San Blas. We support the local communities and focus on sustainable tourism

We travel with the speed boat and sleep on islands in traditional cabins, right next to the sea. Our tours leave weekly, check out the calendar below for dates.

So glad I found this cheap alternative to flying, I couldn’t even in my wildest dreams image that such a place still exists: Paradise islands, ancient cultures and a true adventure so off the usual path, I will forever be thankful for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Elise, UK

From Panama to Colombia

Visit 5+ islands on our 3-days/2-nights tour to Colombia, sleep in traditional Kuna cabins right next to the beach on two different islands (dorm or private room) and experience our indigenous culture.

  • Start: Panama City or Carti, Panama
  • End: Sapzurro, Colombia
  • Duration: 3-days/2-nights
Per person

From $275

From Colombia to Panama

Travel in 3-days/2-nights adventure-filled days through the San Blas islands to Panama. Visit and sleep in traditional Kuna cabins (dorm or private room) on palm-tree covered islands and experience our indigenous culture.

  • Start: Sapzurro, Colombia
  • End: Carti, Panama or Panama City
  • Duration: 3-days/2-nights
Per person

From $275

Our Prices – Season special

Direct services, no middlemen, low marketing expenses and an understanding for how travelers tick: We price our tours as economically as possible while ensuring fair payments to our employees and the communities and maintaining a highly professional service:

Price per person (dorm room): 275 USD

Price per person (private room): 315 USD


Additional (recommended):

+25 USD per person for the transport by car (between Carti and Panama City)
(provided by independent drivers, we offer to organize the service, highly recommended since there is no public transport)

What’s included

  • Boat ride (one-way between Carti, Panama and Sapzurro, Colombia)
  • Visits to 5+ different islands incl. entrance fees to those islands
  • 3 delicious meals/day (starting with lunch on first and ending with lunch on last day) – fresh seafood (lobster if available), vegetarian options available
  • Accommodation in traditional Kuna cabins on the islands – western style beds (hammocks only on request) and bathrooms
  • Immigration to/from Panama in Puerto Obaldia
  • Kuna guide knowledgable about our culture and history

Not included

  • Beverages, snacks, water
  • Overland transport between Panama City & Carti, San Blas (bookable for $25 per person)
  • Entrance fee to the Comarca Kuna Yala & dock usage fee (22 USD for foreigners, 7 USD for nationals) – obligatory for every visitor, to be paid upon entering the Comarca

Tour dates – Boats to Panama and to Colombia

Our boats currently leave once a week. Boat from Panama to Colombia: Monday to Wednesday. Boat from Colombia to Panama: Friday to Sunday.

Please find below our tour dates.


July 2021

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Illegal activities in San Blas

By local law, conducting tourism in the Comarca Kuna Yala (including the San Blas islands) is restricted to Kuna people only. This excludes foreigners and Panamanians that are not of Kuna-heritage from conducting or working  in tourism in San Blas, no matter if for a salary or voluntarily. (Article 53, Spanish only).

Similarly, foreign sailing boats are prohibited from conducting any activities for profit, such as welcoming tourists for money, in San Blas (Article 31, Spanish only).

As a 100% Kuna company, we can assure you that we fully comply with the local Kuna law (which is also recognized by the State of Panama): everyone at our company is Kuna and no foreign guides are working for us.

Why traveling with San Blas Frontera

Travel with the experts that have grown up in the border region between Panama and Colombia and that truly care about your best experience.

Small groups

The world opens up a little more for a small group than it does for a large group. Our groups are small enough to feel like you’re exploring a destination independently, but big enough to create a good social vibe.

Authentic travel

Connecting curious travellers with our indigenous culture is an essential part of our identity. Our trips embrace authentic accommodation and travelling with locals to bring you face to face with our fascinating culture and awe-inspiring wildlife.

Price & Value

We want to make this trip available to as many curious travellers as possible. Since we operate all aspects of the trip ourselves and limit marketing and other expenses, we’re able to deliver you this tour at most economic prices while keeping the quality up and maximizing your experience.

Special offer

Spend an additional night after your 3-day trip from Panama to Colombia or before your 3-day trip from Colombia to Panama in the remote Kuna community Armila right at the border to Colombia (45 USD per night incl. food).

This village is idyllically nestled on the mainland between the hills of the Darien forest and right on the riverbanks of a jungle river and the Caribbean Sea. As it is only reachable via sea, the indigenous Kuna culture is still intact and lived.

From March to May/June, it becomes one of the few places in the world where leatherback turtles (the largest sea turtles with 2-3m lengths) lay their eggs. Watch the turtles and learn how our people are working on protecting these magical animals during an extra night in Armila.
Don’t miss out on this truly unique, once-of-a-lifetime experience!

Ask us for details >

Itinerary Panama to Colombia

 Our tour starts in Carti, San Blas (Panama). From here, we travel for three days with the boat eastwards towards Colombia. On the way, we stop at various islands to swim, to eat and to sleep before we cross the border to Colombia on the last day in the afternoon and end our tour in Sapzurro, Colombia. We travel only short distances at a time, spending most of the time on the islands and little time on the boat.

Itinerary Colombia to Panama

Our tour starts in Sapzurro, Colombia where we pick you up and bring you into Panama. We head west through the San Blas islands. On the way, we stop at various islands to swim, to eat and to sleep before on the last day we end our tour in Carti, Panama. From here, we can arrange transport for you to Panama City. We travel only short distances at a time, spending most of the time on the islands and little time on the boat.

Start/End - Panama to Colombia

Our tour starts in the morning of Day 1 (ca. 8:30am) Carti, San Blas (Panama), which is only accessible via a road from Panama City. Since there is no public transport between Panama City and Carti, it is necessary to book a seat with one of the officially licensed, independent drivers that can bring tourists to San Blas. We offer to organize the ride for you ($25 per person, official price, no commission charged by us).

Our tour ends in the afternoon of Day 3 in Sapzurro, Colombia. You can stay here or directly go to Capurgana, where the Colombian immigration office is. We organize a boat that can bring you directly to Capurgana once we arrive in Sapzurro (ca. 15min, $6, no commission charged by us). Once in Capurgana, please stamp your passport at the immigration office in Capurgana. From Capurgana, ferries leave every morning to Turbo and Necogli, from where you can catch a bus to Cartagena.

Start/End - Colombia to Panama

Our tour starts in the morning of Day 1 (ca. (8:00am) in Sapzurro, Colombia: we recommend that you spend the night before in Sapzurro already. Get to Sapzurro with a boat (ca. 15min) from Capurgana. Please make sure that before leaving Capurgana, you have stamped your passport (exit stamp to leave Colombia), otherwise you cannot enter Panama. To Capurgana you get via a ferry that leaves daily in the early morning from both Turbo and Necogli, which can both be reached with buses from various cities in Colombia.

Our tour ends in the afternoon of Day 3 in Carti, Panama.. From here, you will have to travel onwards to Panama City with licensed, independent drivers (no public transport available). We offer to organize the ride for you ($25 per person, official price, no commission charged by us).

The boat

We travel in a fiberglass boat with outboard motor from island to island. These are the typical boats used in San Blas and perfect for accessing all the islands in the shallow waters so typical for San Blas. We spend only little time on the boat (max. 3-4 hours per day, with many stops in between) and the most time on the islands we visit. The boats are equipped with safety vests and our captains are licensed and have many years of experience in traveling this route. People usually don’t get sea sick during our trips since we travel close to the coast line.

Important: this is NOT a sailing trip, instead we spend most time exploring the islands and Kuna culture and also sleeping on the islands, using our boat only to travel from island to island.

The cabins and the food

During the trip, we sleep in traditional Kuna cabins made from bamboo and palm leaves. These are equipped with western style beds and mattresses including sheets and pillows. Bathrooms are western style.

Meals are included in the trip (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and based on local, fresh food from the traditional Kuna kitchen, e.g. fresh sea food (fish, langosta, shells, pulpo – if available and if not restricted by fishing times). Of course, we also offer vegetarian/vegan options. We work hard to offer you a large food variety despite the limited options in remote regions of the islands.

Crossing the border

Border crossing Panama: In Puerto Obaldia, Panama, we make a stop on both tours when entering or leaving Panama. This is the first community next to the Colombian border. We take care of the paperwork and visit the different offices in Puerto Obaldia for you. This is a lengthy process that usually also involves luggage inspection by the local police.

Border crossing Colombia: You will have to visit the immigration office in Capurgana when entering/ leaving Colombia. Since our tour starts/ends in Sapzurro (first village in Colombia next to the Panamanian border), please make sure to go to the immigration office in Capurgana.


You can bring your luggage with you. If you have more than 1 large backpack/suitcase and a smaller carry-on, please inform us ahead of time.

Please also inform us if you have any bulky luggage (surf board, bike). During heavy winds and high waves (mostly December to February/March), please consult with us beforehand and ensure to wrap your bulky luggage to prevent it from getting damaged. We are not responsible for any damages that might occur.

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Your best choice for a visit to the San Blas islands, Panama. As a purely local and indigenous business, we offer authentic day trips and overnight stays in our traditional Kuna cabins on the San Blas islands in Panama and multiple-day boat trips across the Panamanian-Colombian border (boats from Panama to Colombia and boats from Colombia to Panama) as the local alternative to sailing the San Blas islands.